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YSU included in special project of 2018 National Key R&D Program -- “Basic ManufacturingTechnology and Key Components”


[News from the News Center] Several days ago, Ministry of Science and Technology released the list of 2018 National Key R&D Program -- “Basic Manufacturing Technology and Key Components” special projects. After the recommendation of the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the form review of the Ministry of Science and Technology, on-site defense and expert review, the project “New Method for Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Components and Systems” by YSU Prof. Kong Xiangdong was included in the list, and received a fund of 13.48 million yuan. There are 42 projects proposed with a total funding of 460 million yuan, of which 13 projects are presided over by universities.

The project “New Method for Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Components and Systems” presided over by Prof. Kong Xiangdong is led by YSU and is jointly undertaken by Zhejiang University, Beihang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University and Nanjing Institute of Engineering, which lasts 3 years. Under the project, the first subject “theory and method or overall design of miniaturized hydraulic oil source and integrated electro-hydraulic actuator” was held by Prof. Kong Xiangdong, and the third subject“design method and molding technology for fuel tank miniaturization” was held by Prof. Yao Jing. The project is expected to lead the development of lightweight hydraulic components and systems in China, and to be applied to future engineering machinery, rescue equipment, robotics and aerospace, aiming to improve carrying capacity and maneuverability and to reduce energy consumption, whichwill be of notable benefit to social, economic and ecological development.

In addition, the projects “High-pressure Multi-way Valve for Engineering Machinery” and “Key Technology and Application of Industrialization for Large-scale Pressure Forming Machinery Heavy-load Variable Electronically Controlled Axial Piston Pump” were also included,. Among them, the subject “Research on the Key common Technology of High-pressure Multi-way Valve Design and Manufacture” under the project “High-pressure Multi-way Valve for Engineering Machinery” was presided over by YSU Prof. Zhang Lijie.

The National Key R&D Programconducts multidisciplinary research and comprehensive research, and gives full play to its leading role in supporting and enhancing China’s original innovation in basic research, with a view to major issues and needsin the frontiers of science and in China’s economy, society, science and technology and national security.Undertakingone of the projects under the Program marks that YSU has the scientific research ability to solve the China’s major needs, highlighting the strong driving forcefor scientific and technological innovation, which will also greatly promote building YSU into a “Double First-class university”.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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