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Academic Report: Qinhuangdao Regional Culture Seminar - Great Wall


Lecture: Qinhuangdao Regional Culture Seminar - Great Wall

Speaker: Editor Sun Zhisheng

Venue: Room B105, Musical Auditorium, West Campus

Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Time: 19.00-20.30

Speaker Introduction:

Senior editor Sun Zhisheng is the president of Qinhuangdao City Historical and Cultural Research Association, vice president of Qinhuangdao City National Studies Association, vice chairman of Qinhuangdao City Jieshi Research Association and Xufu Research Association, cultural advisor of Beidaihe District Committee, and executive director of China Great Wall Society. He has set up the Great Wall Society of China. He was the deputy editor and editorial director of the Great Wall Journal, the editor of the Great Wall Encyclopedia among other journals. His research interests and publications were about Great Wall, including some poems, encyclopedia, and documentary. Some of them were translated into English, Russian, Japanese and Korean languages.  

Lecture Content

1 The rise of the Great Wall of China;

2 The construction of the Great Wall of Qin Dynasty;

3 The history and characteristics of the Great Wall of Qinhuangdao;

4 Great Wall Culture.

All are welcome.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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