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Academic Report: Model-Free Adaptive Control



2019-01-08 January 8, 2019

Lecture: Model-Free Adaptive Control

Speaker: Prof. Hou Zhongsheng

Venue: Room A104 of School of Electrical Engineering

Date & Time


Date & Time





Introduction to model-free adaptive control: basics and applications ( part 1)



Introduction to model-free adaptive control: basics and applications ( part 2)




Lecture Content

With the development of science and technology, modern industrial processes are becoming increasingly complex, and the quality requirements of products are becoming increasingly higher as well. It is difficult to model the process. Therefore, it is more difficult and unrealistic to use traditional MBC theory to solve the control problems of these difficult industrial processes. On the other hand, a large amount of process data is generated and stored at all times in the industrial process, and this data contains all the useful information about process operation and equipment status. How to use these data to achieve effective control of these processes is a work with important application value, and it is also of great significance to perfect control theory.

Speaker Introduction

Prof. Hou Zhongsheng is currently the director of the Department of Automatic Control, the second-level professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, and the “Leading Talent” of the Excellence- 100 Program, a member of the Chinese Society of Automation. He is also an IEEE Senior Member, IFAC Technical Committee, and a member of Adaptive and Learning Systems. He is a founding director of the Professional Committee of Data Driven Control, Learning and Optimization at the China Automation Society. He is a member of editorial board of Automation Journal, Control Theory and Application, Control and Decision, System Science and Mathematics Editorial Committee; IEEE Neuron Network and Learning System Journal Data-Based Control, Decision, Scheduling and Fault Diagnosis. He presided over 2 key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 1 major international cooperation project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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